Ghanaian Soya

Hello Folks!! How have y'll been? Well, I have been quite occupied with my work and planning for my vacation to the US this year. Yah, I got my tickets done and I'm planning to visit DC, NYC, B'more, Philly, KC & Dallas. Anyways, this post is about a new food item which I learned [...]


In conversation with Mr. Clement Gomes of Stella Food Corner : A story of a self-made-Chef

Open face Burgers Chicken Lasagna, One-bite-burgers, Russian Salad. In the busy lanes of Kalina, Santa Cruz, lies a food corner "Stella's", which, one cannot overlook while passing-by. The mouth-searing taste and the aroma of those delicacies just drags you to their shop & also their kindness and hospitality is one of the main reasons why people [...]

The Thirsty Traveler’s Journey to North India

What's up Loved ones!! This morning I woke up thinking, what should I write about?? Well, I guess the state of thoughtlessness comes naturally to me!! So, I thought I'll just post an update on my current adventure to North India. A client of mine just visited me recently for some business and we took [...]

How to enjoy your food : 3 reasons why you should watch a food program while eating

What's up people!!! To all the foodies... have you ever wondered what happens when you watch a program on cooking and you have your favorite meal in your hands....?? Well, a foodie doesn't necessarily means someone who eats a lot... I put it this way "Someone who has a taste for variety"... Keep changing the [...]