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Chaotic Shapes


All the pain and suffering helps you find yourself.

The real you.

Without a form of struggle, you have no room to grow and evolve into a stronger you.

There is this saying. It goes along the lines of this. “Life isn’t rainbows and unicorns.”

Anyone can manifest something as beautiful or similar.

It just takes a little bit of digging deep down within your soul. Use the energy of love.

Do you ever sit in the dark. Listening to your own thoughts.

The thoughts you normally run and hide from.

The thoughts you fear to let out of your mind and into reality.

All of these thoughts are you, but you just keep ignoring them.

Over time ignoring all the negative thoughts can have a huge effect on you.

Don’t drain yourself of your energy.

Instead spread more love and ignore the hatred within this world.

Imagine sitting in…

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