The Thirsty Traveler’s Journey to North India

What’s up Loved ones!!

This morning I woke up thinking, what should I write about?? Well, I guess the state of thoughtlessness comes naturally to me!!

So, I thought I’ll just post an update on my current adventure to North India.

A client of mine just visited me recently for some business and we took a trip to North India (New Delhi, Lucknow & Gorakhpur). India is an agricultural country. Most of the agricultural population inhabits 1/3rd of the Northern land.

However, having said that, one cannot deny the most serene beauty one sees while on the road of these villages….

The soul of the nation abides in the farm lands …

The funniest part of the entire trip was, this client of mine happen to be from North-east India which is close to China border, so you can imagine his appearance look-wise is like Asian… and he speaks fluent Hindi & our host happens to be a ‘Dihati’ (villager) who doesn’t speak English at all. Just for fun, knowing how unfunny f*** I am, I told my client, we will take him for a ride, talk in English and deceive him !! LOL

We told our host that our client is from China and he doesn’t speak English. The host prepared so much for his advent and to his utter dismay, the whole ballyhoo and welcome was a damp-squib. We laughed whole night joking about him and making his fun and that poor charlie didn’t even realized it for a second.

Next morning while we are negotiating and discussing on certain issues on which we disagree, the host abused my client in Hindi thinking he doesn’t know the language.

O my god… can you imagine, how we laughed?? Oh god we laughed our ass off and it was totally crazy, and all of a sudden the host started thinking what the hell, why is his client laughing and then we revealed that he is an Indian…. and that was it… Pandemonium broke out hahahahha 🙂 He got so mad at us … I cannot tell you!! LOL

Apart from that, we also went to Agra and saw the ‘Taj Mahal’. It was magnificent and breath-taking.

I plan to take another trip soon in the near future. Also, try to eat (Mutton Desi Ghee) if you are there in that region. It tastes good.

Until next time….


PS: I’ll try to post some pictures later… In office now…. Boss might be wondering what am I doing?? 😛


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