Reunion in US

Hello folks!!

How have you guys been?? What are you upto??

I really apologise for not being around for such a long time. I was really occupied with a few errands.

Well, this June I took a 20 days trip to US and gallivanted across 15 states incl(D.C) which is not a state for sure… if you say that in D.C, you are lookin’ for trouble.

Anyways, the trip was fantastic, I really enjoyed my time there and was with my friends; some of the most finest people on earth ๐Ÿ™‚

We took a road trip which began in Baltimore, Maryland and onwards to New York. Then we travelled further mid-west covering West Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri & Kansas. We took a detour in Ohio, we got down in Zanesville and took a motel for a night (Best Western) it was really good.

Btw, I learned how to swim ๐Ÿ™‚ Yah… I didn’t know how to swim before… But now I DO!!!

Also, we stopped by to say hi to my Grandpa who is a famous Sitar player from India, who now lives in St.Louis,MO, he is a maverick and dexterous too.

Celebrated 4th of July in Dallas and then I left Dallas on 07th early morning; heard there was shooting goin on there in Dallas, feel sorry for the folks out there.

All in all it was an adventurous trip. The most exciting part of the trip was…..

I met a girl and I fell in love ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh god it was so wonderful… I’m planning on visiting her next year and will take a trip to Park city & Heber city, Utah ๐Ÿ™‚






Can beauty be reviewed? โ€“ An attempt

Skeptical me, looked at the MacBook air and thought it would be small, inadequate to meet my writing needs, but hell was I wrong, itโ€™s a dream come true.

The smooth surface of the keys, the perfectly sized screen, its sleek looks & backlit keys not to mention it has a logo that glows making me watch with glee.
Though these are my first impressions, its hard to think of the negatives of this lovely piece of tech, I just cant get enough of its beauty and most of all the satisfaction from which I get.
Hi Mac, How do you do?

Its been long but it sure is nice to meet you, seeing you in the retail store, I really had no clue, my fingers would actually get the opportunity to one use you, thank you for all that you are, white and silver, on a dark theme, making u shine like an illuminated star.

________ A review given by Sir Spencer on my newly bought MacBook Air, this season…

I bought it specially to write on WordPress ๐Ÿ™‚


A Humorist

Comedy, Cosmic satire… I don’t know…
Is that an attire??

I don’t know what sarcasm is and what humorists do… I probably think they say something that makes the world smile…

Oops, have you ever noticed the difference between a smile and a laugh.. Oops (doesn’t stand for Object-oriented-programming)…

I thought Russel peters was pretty swearing kinda.. People still finds him funny… I enjoy some of his jokes…

In comedy your weaknesses are your strengths… (Say that in a British accent)… You see it will become funny automatically for a non-british-accent native/speaker.. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 poor friends had a dream of eating ‘Biryani’,ย however they couldn’t afford to eat because it was expensive in those days.. and considered as Royal cuisine…

3 of them saved some money and order Biryani and ate all night happily… However, the pot-luck wasn’t over, they had full-stomach but the desire to eat more didn’t fade away… So they made a plan… They said… we will sleep tonight and tomorrow we will get up and narrate our dreams and who-so-ever have had the most beautiful dream would get the left biryani…:)

The trio slept well and when they woke up they started narrating their dreams: 1st said, I saw that I was in Heaven and the fairies were giving me massage ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

The 2nd said, I went on a world tour and made a lot of fame… (Ibn battuta Kinda)… ๐Ÿ™‚

The 3rd said, have a look at the Biryani bowl and everyone looked at it and it was empty…

All in shock, they said to each other, who did it?? The 3rd one replied, at night when you all were asleep, the devil, the monster came at night and persuaded me to eat all the left-over (Biryani) and threatened me that if I don’t, He’ll kill me, so I ate it all…

They said. you fooooooooooooooooooool … Why didn’t you wake us up… ??

HE SAID: HOW COULD I?? You were in Heaven with fairies having a massage and You went on the world TOUR

ahhahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaahah LOL

See Humor… ๐Ÿ™‚


How to obtain a US Visa : Tips for your visa interview

What’s up folks!!!!!

I trust you’ve all been happy lately …

People esp. Travellers have a lot of dreams … Like to visit their dream/favourite place or desired destination … So on..

One of the dreams I dreamt was to visit America … Not because of any greatness …. As a historian, I was just fascinated by the American history esp. Civil war and Abraham Lincoln …. New York City, San Francisco etc….

As a child I was so obsessed with multi-culturism, people, languages and food…. But States always had a special place in my heart …… The zenith of this obsession was such … That whenever I would hear someone talk about America or even mention it ..I would give my ear to it… Which really started annoying people… Words likes Washington, parkington would give me goosebumps… I even went to am extend and memorised each different states in the US and their capitals .. Name of the previous presidents .. Which shocked even some of my American friends … One major person who really influenced me to see that place was Mr. Robert nimmo, he was kinda mentor to me and used to teach me about American culture… He served in the US navy and had practically lived in every city in the US…. Cities like Casper, Helena, Bismarck, stove pipe well Death Valley etc… A gold rush prospectus he was…

But it’s not always easy for non American folks to visit America… I know 9/11 changed everything there….

Last year I finally decided to visit America … And I went in for a visa interview … Most people out here mind wonder its just a visa ..why make a deal out of it… Well, like I said… It’s really considered as an achievement in the third world country….

However, I was refused saying that I didn’t demonstrate enough ties to my home country ….I was in grave pain… I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts for a week… I thought I didn’t do anything wrong still I was rejected …. But then I decided I’ll do research and prove them that, I’m not going to live in America but I’m just going to visit the place and appreciate the beauty of the culture….

And finally I made it this year … My visa was approved …

So I would just like to share a few thoughts on your visa interview … Again, each case is different and you can never guarantee … But hard work pays… And a little information can make huge differences …

1) When you intend to apply for the tourist visa for the US, do not hire anyone to do that for you… People can fake a lot of things… I’m sorry but our today’s world is like this…

2) Prepare all the documents in advance and keep it with you handy while you fill in your DS-160 … For with you can log onto

Fill your DS 160 and make sure you email or print for yourself a copy, in order to know what you’ve written, also never lie about anything in your application, because lying is not good and secondly the consular officer will come to know as they are well trained and they know about you more than you know… Mebbe it’s a clichรฉ but that’s what it is…

3) Print the Stanley form to pay your visa application fees… You can choose your bank to pay on US travel Docs website… Where you’ll have to create an account ….

4) after paying your visa fees, you will receive a detail showing payment update in your US travel docs account, click on the payment token and schedule your appointment … There will be 2 appointments based on your country of origin, as for India, they’ve to go for the OFC which a biometrics, fingerprint, photo and other such information appointment. I suggest to book your OFC appointment a day prior to your visa interview… Makes the job easy ….

5) Arrive at the embassy or consulate on the interview day no less than 15 mins… Dress well, always wear a smile, do not over smile, don’t give any signs of nervousness … Even if you are… I know it’s hard … But think its your dream to see the place..

6) The consular officers usually do not look at your documents … They rely on verbal conversations … When you present facts and figures they start analysing your response and give a conclusion, whether or not to grant you a visa… Show as much ties to your home country as possible, do not be hard in trying to convince the officer, do not volunteer information, which is it asked. If the officer needs additional details he/she will ask you. See, they are gentle people, however their work is very tough.. They are protecting the american borders .. They meet 1000s of dumbs everyday, who do not stick to the answer or the question per se…

7) Once your visa is approve, your passports will be kept for visa stamping, if you were rejected under 214(b), then they’ll return your passport … Remember it’s not the end of the world … You can apply very soon, once your circumstances have changed..

If you have any query or you wanna give a mock interview and want to find out whether you are eligible for a visa or you wanna know more, please write to me :

I would to hear from you … Good luck and all the best…



My Tryst with Rumi : A spiritual Transcend

Deep within my sorrowful heart
Life was tearing me apart

Disturbed and weary I was
to whom to go to I knew not.

I searched the world to find my beloved
But beloved I met not.

Like a wanderer, beggar and a meek dervish I roamed
In his search I roamed
Not knowing where I will end, I roamed

Searched him in the mosque, Searched him in the skies..
Searched him in the temple and the world – wide….

When life came to an end
The messiah within my heart called me
I asked who are you?
Said, I’m the beloved and I’m here to set you free.

I said: I searched you everywhere
He said: I was near but only if you knew….
I was always there, but only if you knew….
Every breath you breathe was a step towards me

When I told him: In your search; I sacrificed my youth, sacrificed my youth, sacrificed my youth.
Belovedย said: In love, people sacrifice their faith, hope and life, What a big deal!! You scarified your youth??!!

Destroy the temples, destroy the mosques, destroy everything that can be demolish.
But never destroy(break) someone’s heart, because the beloved lives inside….

O Rumi, to your abode I come,
With humility I come,
Like you in the world I found none
Your face is like the illuminated Sun

I give it all for you and hold not
O beloved will you promise to leave not!!

I drink the wine of passion and around the beloved I roam
I may talk like a drunk but like a wise-lion I roam…

With Rumi I danced my way to heart
Now we will never live apart.