My Tryst with Rumi : A spiritual Transcend

Deep within my sorrowful heart
Life was tearing me apart

Disturbed and weary I was
to whom to go to I knew not.

I searched the world to find my beloved
But beloved I met not.

Like a wanderer, beggar and a meek dervish I roamed
In his search I roamed
Not knowing where I will end, I roamed

Searched him in the mosque, Searched him in the skies..
Searched him in the temple and the world – wide….

When life came to an end
The messiah within my heart called me
I asked who are you?
Said, I’m the beloved and I’m here to set you free.

I said: I searched you everywhere
He said: I was near but only if you knew….
I was always there, but only if you knew….
Every breath you breathe was a step towards me

When I told him: In your search; I sacrificed my youth, sacrificed my youth, sacrificed my youth.
Beloved said: In love, people sacrifice their faith, hope and life, What a big deal!! You scarified your youth??!!

Destroy the temples, destroy the mosques, destroy everything that can be demolish.
But never destroy(break) someone’s heart, because the beloved lives inside….

O Rumi, to your abode I come,
With humility I come,
Like you in the world I found none
Your face is like the illuminated Sun

I give it all for you and hold not
O beloved will you promise to leave not!!

I drink the wine of passion and around the beloved I roam
I may talk like a drunk but like a wise-lion I roam…

With Rumi I danced my way to heart
Now we will never live apart.


How to enjoy your food : 3 reasons why you should watch a food program while eating

What’s up people!!!

To all the foodies… have you ever wondered what happens when you watch a program on cooking and you have your favorite meal in your hands….??

Well, a foodie doesn’t necessarily means someone who eats a lot… I put it this way “Someone who has a taste for variety”… Keep changing the taste… Give yourself an exposure to foods of various cultures….

Oh!! from those delectable steaks to those veggie delights of the US to the butter chicken of India…. yummmm hmmm… mouth watering already…

The other day I was watching that movie (Julie and Julia)… and I learnt how to make ‘Tomato Bruschetta’, believe me, all just by looking at her prepare that in the movie…. you see (FOODIE)…

I just dance ostensibly when I see a food program while eating…. I’m a Food Junk but I don’t eat Junkie food… LOL

3 Reasons:

  1. ENJOY THE TASTE OF THE FOOD: While you are nibbling, your senses are activated ….in some cases the foodgasm is something what I’ve experienced ……I’ve had a plate of a local snack from Bombay India, called ‘vada pav’  and I imagined it being a burger, because the chef on TV was showing how to prepare a BURGER …. it just tastes yummmy…
  2. UNFOLD THE SPICES OF LIFE: When that perfect piece of pie reaches your mouth and then it opens up and uncovers its secrets… oh what a moment it is… while you watch the chef telling you what all it has been made with….
  3. FOODTUALISM: Watching the chef cook coq au vin and you are eating KFC chicken bucket… hahahah it simply makes your mood fresh….

So, just eat with all your heart, all your mind and all your taste….

PS: BTW Gonna have Fish Fry for Dinner tonight… 🙂