Reunion in US

Hello folks!!

How have you guys been?? What are you upto??

I really apologise for not being around for such a long time. I was really occupied with a few errands.

Well, this June I took a 20 days trip to US and gallivanted across 15 states incl(D.C) which is not a state for sure… if you say that in D.C, you are lookin’ for trouble.

Anyways, the trip was fantastic, I really enjoyed my time there and was with my friends; some of the most finest people on earth 🙂

We took a road trip which began in Baltimore, Maryland and onwards to New York. Then we travelled further mid-west covering West Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri & Kansas. We took a detour in Ohio, we got down in Zanesville and took a motel for a night (Best Western) it was really good.

Btw, I learned how to swim 🙂 Yah… I didn’t know how to swim before… But now I DO!!!

Also, we stopped by to say hi to my Grandpa who is a famous Sitar player from India, who now lives in St.Louis,MO, he is a maverick and dexterous too.

Celebrated 4th of July in Dallas and then I left Dallas on 07th early morning; heard there was shooting goin on there in Dallas, feel sorry for the folks out there.

All in all it was an adventurous trip. The most exciting part of the trip was…..

I met a girl and I fell in love 🙂 Oh god it was so wonderful… I’m planning on visiting her next year and will take a trip to Park city & Heber city, Utah 🙂






Ghanaian Soya

Hello Folks!!

How have y’ll been? Well, I have been quite occupied with my work and planning for my vacation to the US this year. Yah, I got my tickets done and I’m planning to visit DC, NYC, B’more, Philly, KC & Dallas.

Anyways, this post is about a new food item which I learned from my friend George Gyau of Ghana; its called as ‘Ghanaian Soya’.

I learned this recipe from him, while he was here in Bombay for an internship through AIESEC. He used to make this item mebbe every Sunday I suppose….

Anyways, here’s how he made it.


1 packet – Soya bean
1 finely chopped onion
1 finely chopped tomato
2 finely chopped potato (french fries style)
Cooking oil (coconut or olive) anything.
tomato puree/sauce.
finely chopped coriander.



Firstly, empty the packet of soya into a bowl full of water and leave it for 10 mins, till the beans become soft and spongy.

Then, take your cookware and pour a lil oil into it, followed by chopped onion, tomato and potato. Stir it till the colour of onion is gold and potatoes are cooked well, then put all the beans inside it and stir it for 10 mins.

Lastly, the touch of tomato puree or sauce whatever you have at home and coriander. Cover with the lid for a 2 mins and let it cook.
Serve it with rice or eat with bread.!!


In conversation with Mr. Clement Gomes of Stella Food Corner : A story of a self-made-Chef

Open Face Burger

Open face Burgers

Chicken Lasagna, One-bite-burgers, Russian salad

Chicken Lasagna, One-bite-burgers, Russian Salad.

In the busy lanes of Kalina, Santa Cruz, lies a food corner “Stella’s”, which, one cannot overlook while passing-by. The mouth-searing taste and the aroma of those delicacies just drags you to their shop & also their kindness and hospitality is one of the main reasons why people are brought there….

Bernard, the guy who started this business with his wonderful brother Mr.Gomes (Gomes dada) as we lovingly call him, opens the shop by 17:00hrs and one can see the queue outside the shop, even before the shutters are up!!!….

I became a frequent visitor to the shop since last 7 months now, and have always been treated with the same kindness everyday. Since its just a stone-throw away from my place, practically, I’m there every evening to munch something… Something from his vast variety of cuisines kept out on the display for the people to choose… 🙂

Yesterday, I sat inside and as I was accommodating myself… and started nibbling, Gomes dada came and joined me… I was quite surprised to see him sparing sometime from his customers and joining me.

I seriously learnt a lot from him yesterday. He is a man full of convictions. He told me how he began working at the tender age of 7 in a small cafeteria in West Bengal and his major job being  “Dish washing” . It was surreal and I was taken aback and started thinking how could a dish-washer be so good at what he is doing now…

He went to an extend and told me that he never learned anything from anyone, in particular related to cooking. He had a love for food & the art of cooking, however due to poverty his parents couldn’t afford him a proper/formal training let alone the school.

However, he never gave up on his passion. He was always eager to learn something new and try his hands-on everything… but to his dismay, no-one was co-operative. They mocked him instead. He recalls, as a teenager, once he was in the kitchen of the cafeteria and saw the chef prepare a dish & he asked the chef, whether it was possible for him to teach him how to make it… He chef got disappointed and said no I cannot teach you because you are a dish-washer and you’re miles away from cooking….

That evening, he decided he will move on and later started hard-working and self-tutoring. In his life he learnt a lot, lost a lot & gave a lot to many/from many.

A few years later, an opportunity knocked his doors; he applied for a job of Kitchen incharge for a British restaurant in Singapore, and was accepted to come and work.

There he met Chef David-Ying who became his mentor and he was kind enough to help him giving some in-dept information on cooking…

Today, this man writes his own menu everyday. You’ll never get to see what you ate yesterday. There is no repetition in the recipes. He changes everything everyday. He has something called a ‘Pan-roll’, he has his own style of making pan-roll; atleast a 120 styles of fillings and making…

I learnt, never judge anyone… You never know, who can become what…

Of course in the darkness of the dark coal mines we find the bright shining diamonds…

Always give it to people, even from the little you have… It will make a difference…

From the conversation of food… I went on to learn a lesson for my life 🙂 !!!

I’ll stop now…

PS: Please avoid any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the post, as I was in a hurry while I was writing and I had to write it down, before I could forget… I’ll edit it in due course… If you want me to rectify any …please feel free to comment.
Love Alan

How to enjoy your food : 3 reasons why you should watch a food program while eating

What’s up people!!!

To all the foodies… have you ever wondered what happens when you watch a program on cooking and you have your favorite meal in your hands….??

Well, a foodie doesn’t necessarily means someone who eats a lot… I put it this way “Someone who has a taste for variety”… Keep changing the taste… Give yourself an exposure to foods of various cultures….

Oh!! from those delectable steaks to those veggie delights of the US to the butter chicken of India…. yummmm hmmm… mouth watering already…

The other day I was watching that movie (Julie and Julia)… and I learnt how to make ‘Tomato Bruschetta’, believe me, all just by looking at her prepare that in the movie…. you see (FOODIE)…

I just dance ostensibly when I see a food program while eating…. I’m a Food Junk but I don’t eat Junkie food… LOL

3 Reasons:

  1. ENJOY THE TASTE OF THE FOOD: While you are nibbling, your senses are activated ….in some cases the foodgasm is something what I’ve experienced ……I’ve had a plate of a local snack from Bombay India, called ‘vada pav’  and I imagined it being a burger, because the chef on TV was showing how to prepare a BURGER …. it just tastes yummmy…
  2. UNFOLD THE SPICES OF LIFE: When that perfect piece of pie reaches your mouth and then it opens up and uncovers its secrets… oh what a moment it is… while you watch the chef telling you what all it has been made with….
  3. FOODTUALISM: Watching the chef cook coq au vin and you are eating KFC chicken bucket… hahahah it simply makes your mood fresh….

So, just eat with all your heart, all your mind and all your taste….

PS: BTW Gonna have Fish Fry for Dinner tonight… 🙂