The New York city Tweedledum

Have you ever been to the New York city?

Oh, its beautiful in New York city. Btw, when were you in New York city? In December I was in New York city.

There is train from Boston that goes to New York city. Reaches at 17:00hrs in New York city and splendid looks New York city.

December brings happiness in New York city. New York city! That place full of lovely ladies and handsome hunks who love the city not for its scumbags but good looking punks…??!!.

New York city dude! They, the rich lives there!!!

Brooklyn is a part of New York city… Its one of the boroughs of New York city…..

Christmas in awesome in New York city. Whats the accent like in New York city..?? Its like the accent in the New York city…

Whats so great about New York city….. !!! Its great coz its THE NEW YORK CITY….

Are you obsessed with New York city… I love New York city…. Romantic spot in New York city..



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