Me: Blog… How have you been?
Blog: Been busy, people have been writing too much… They don’t even sleep.. In some part of the world its day and here it’s night… For some I am an obsession and for some, I’m like a vacation villa that is visited only once a year… Some are like you kind boy… who stop by to say hi…Lol
Me: Yeah, what have they been writing about?
Blog: ‘Things’….you name it …it’s there
Me: Oh Really?
Me: Don’t you get bored ?
Blog: No, not at all, I’m the most interesting thing in the world … the most intelligent thing in the world … The most happening place…
Me: How so?
Blog: Everything is happening here… People  are becoming rich and famous.. I have politics, businesses, someone getting tips on how to get pregnant and that whole shebang… So .. I m the happening place… I know everything.. Right from the head to toe… I contain everything …
Me: Well, don’t you get lonely..?
Blog: No, I have friends facebook and twitter.. But we don’t talk much …
Me: What is that one quality that you have and i don’t blog?
Blog: Well, I give love to people unconditionally… I’m selfless and I connect the world together …. I serve regardless; religion, ethnic, colour, background etc… Do you love people and accept them just like they are?
Me: No blog, I have short comings.. I often get lonely and don’t know what to do… I read,  stalk, love, cry, smile etc..
Blog: ah no…. Not lonely, not since the health tips, cooking material and a healthy laughter posts …
Me: any antidote  to my loneliness …
Blog: I guess you know where to go when you are lonely, Its :)….



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