Hello World!!

Hiii People!!!

What’s up & What’s down!! 😛

Well, whatever the situation be (whether up or whether down) …. you may be experiencing a little high or a little low… Keep smiling…

The doc…is here to solve all your problems… with his love, humor and art “Talk cure” medicine… (Random)…

Yeah… if your energy is LOW, give Dr.’s blog a GO…..(Cheesy Line)

I’m not good at this thing.. but I’m sure there are a handful of those lovely lot…who’ll definitely go outta their ways to help…:)

Why am I here?? Not for popularity, not to become the talk of the town not for giving you extra “gyan” or be your “guru”…

My philosophy for life… “Everyone is unique, so respect everyone…. and I can learn or teach/share something useful from/to them” …

I wanna bring smile on your face (I think this is a good wanna be) 🙂 🙂 LOL
Having said  I just want to love and be loved… Judge me all you want… AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU 🙂 I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU YYYYYYOOOOOUUUU…

On a serious note… 🙂 ooppsss sorry I forgot …Sorry I dunno what seriousness is… 🙂

You will see a lot of humor, posts on art and culture, food and various stories and that whole shebang….

This is just the beginning of the beginning …. I’ve started blogging….

Hey btw: Alan is the name


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